I am an evangelical Christian.  I sort of have two starting points of my Christian life.  My first would be when I was six or seven, I did the corny “ask Jesus into my heart” business, which don’t get me wrong, I think it was a good idea, but personally, I also believe that at six or seven, I really didn’t have the mental capacity to understand what that meant.  My second point was in May 2008, when I was baptized.  This is when I would officially start my life as a Christian, when I started living for God.  I don’t mean to say I’m perfect, because I am far from it, but I definitely mean that I had an understanding that my life wasn’t mine anymore – it belongs to God now, and He decides what I will do with it.

In this blog, I hope to write about my successes, my failures, and experiences in my Christian walk.  Hopefully, it will be an opportunity for you to get to know me a little better, for me to express some ideas (and for you to comment/interact with me on topics), and perhaps just make general notes on life.

Do have fun while you explore Christianity with me.

– Alex


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