Did Christianity Copy Mithras and Invent Jesus?

Stephen Fry on Mithras

Watch that youtube video and get back to me.

As Stephen Fry states, there seems to be a lot of similarity regarding who Jesus was and who Mithras was, outside of Jesus being a real man and Mithras being a hidden deity, however, these similarities are only on the surface.

The Birth

Mithras, according to the Mithraic cult, was born December 25th to a virgin mother, and was an incarnation a Zoroastrian deity, Mithra.

Jesus, according to the Bible, was born to a virgin mother, as the incarnation of YWHW.  The Bible does not give a date of Jesus’ birth.  Traditionally, Jesus’ birth has been celebrated December 25th, but this is because the early church were a bunch of douche bags that like to be the centre of attention and take over pagan Holidays, which is what happened.

The Disciples

Wouldn’t you know that Mithras had 12 disciples, just like Jesus.  Oh, wait, Jesus actually had quite a few more disciples that would follow Him around and listen to His teaching.  The Bible focuses on the 12 because they were the people Jesus, as a Rabbi, chose to teach.

The Last Supper

I have been unable to find sourced information on this, but apparently Mithras had a feast just like Jesus’ last supper.  I can’t comment on Mithras version of this, other than I’ve read that they both had disciples symbolically eat the flesh of the incarnated deity.


Let me assure you that us Christians did not copy Mithras, although I’ll admit that I’m having difficulty finding sourced evidence of Mithras’ incarnated life.

The Mithraic Mystery Cult was a Roman cult that started sometime in the 1st century.  So we already have a time syncing issue; Jesus was born roughly 3BC, meaning He sort of had claim to the first 30-ish years of the 1st century.  The deity Mithras has been around for a long time, but the incarnation happened sometime in the 1st century.

Jesus was also living in Roman-occupied cities, while His ministry was very evident and known by the surrounding towns and cities, all Roman-occupied.  Thus all the Romans who wanted to take part of Christianity but didn’t want Jesus would be able to create their own version.  This isn’t mentioning all the letters concerning Christianity that Paul wrote while under house arrest in Rome and under Roman guard; and even more-so that the Cult was mostly held by Roman soldiers.  Coincidence?  Unlikely.

It’s easy to forget that Jesus didn’t just make things up as He went.  The Old Testament had multiple prophesies about Jesus that date a long time before any Mithraic Mystery Cult was even started.

There are another handful of similarities that I’m currently looking into finding sourced materials to discuss, but it’s difficult to find both sourced materials, and materials in English.  Any contributions would be great.


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