The Occupy Movement

I’ve been keeping tabs on the various events of the Occupy movement over the past few months, and keeping up with some of the Christian perspectives of it.  Honestly, I’m quite disgusted with how some Christians are discrediting the movement.  I’ve had some say, “yeah, well I hear they’re just a bunch of hippies having sex in the park in New York,” or, “how can we support a bunch of unemployed idiots who are just looking for handouts.”  Hearing statements like this makes me sick at the lack of personal investigation that has gone into this movement.  The media has sprayed the occupy movement as nothing more than a bunch of pansies hoping to get money, and this has nothing to do with the occupy movement.

So, what are the protesters after?  Equality.  They want to be recognized and be taken seriously on the same level as all the corporate sponsors of the government.  The main issue is that they believe that the general public interested is being undermined by people and business that have money, and this is happening everywhere.  I can even see it in the good old town of Dutton where I grew up.  You’ll notice all through history that the rich always seem to get richer, and the poor always seem to get poorer, well occupy doesn’t want the poor to switch with the rich, they just want the poor and rich gap to be much smaller.  There will always be poor people, and that’s just a fact,  but the movement is stating that people shouldn’t be so far in debt (by means of necessity, not by bad money judgement) that they can’t climb out.

Occupy is a peaceful movement.  The police that are trying to regulate the protest have caused more damage to people (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, to name a few references) than any protester.

Occupy protesters aren’t after handouts – they never asked for the government or wall street to give them blank checks.  They didn’t say they don’t want to work.

And I know Christians think, people were caught having sex in the New York park, those fornicators should all burn in hell, they’re all sinners.  Maybe those Christians need a good dose of Jesus, because that’s not how He would think of those people.  Many of the local churches to these protests have taken these people in, because they have received that dose of Jesus.  It’s not about other people’s activities – we have enough problems dealing with our own sin nature, so why do we take it on ourselves to judge the activities of other people?

Christians who are against the #occupy movement, I’m okay if you want to be against it, but be informed first.  Don’t just listen to your local Fox news television statement, or your newspaper.  Hop over to occupytogether and if you are located close to a protest, go and pay them a visit.


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