Well, the end of the world wasn’t today!

But I am not going to shove that in anyone’s face, since it is evident on it’s own.  To people that had their hopes up, don’t lose the faith.  This has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ!  We are told that He has been risen, that He has given us inheritance through His sacrifice on the cross.  Don’t get caught up in individual theologies and beliefs that side track you from your focus on Jesus Christ.

Mr. Harold Camping, my hope is that Christianity is quick to forgive, and maybe you’ll be a little wiser in your future predictions.  I hope that you also are quick to apologize, as your beliefs led a false following, and has broken and bankrupt some of your followers.

That’s all I’ve got to say.


2 thoughts on “Well, the end of the world wasn’t today!

    1. Thanks for the reply, Isaac.
      My beliefs put a very low emphasis on any sort of end-times theology, as I’m a semi/partial-preterist (you can read that more in some of my other posts), but God throws fire into my spirit when people take their gaze off Jesus and onto anything else (such as the “rapture-event”). I’m happy to see that May 22, 2011 did not shake your faith, and I encourage you to continue and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

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