Zombie Nation

These days, people are into the supernatural; vampires, zombies, wizardry, etc.  Have you ever stopped to think about how these relate to our real lives in our real world?

Well, last night, I had a huge inclination to write to you about zombies.  Well, not the kind you’d usually expect, but the kind that we see everyday.  The walking dead.  I’m taking about people who are dead in sin, not the kind you should decapitate.  If you’ve ever seen a zombie movie or played a zombie video game, you know that there’s always one character who wonders if it’s possible to change someone from a flesh-hungry zombie back to a living person.  Doesn’t this sound strangely familiar in spiritual terms?  Only in this case, there is no injected cure, or some fantastic process to change a rotting dead corpse into  a living human.

Our everyday-zombie doesn’t need an injection of medicine; they need a relationship with my good friend, Jesus Christ.  No, don’t bang them over the head with Bible verses and tell them they are going to hell.  Jesus didn’t do that, why would He expect us to?  People aren’t interested in raw information, just like no one (or at least very few) are interested in eating raw meat.  You need to build warm/caring relationships with zombie-people – God will present opportunities for you to share your faith, but don’t force it on people.

I have a number of friends from my high school days that would fall into the “zombie” category, spiritually speaking of course.  They all know I’m a Christian, but instead of me constantly telling them that they aren’t Christian or that they’re going to hell, I’ve always just left an open door to conversation with them.  They know where I stand, and they know that if they desire, I’ll talk to them about whatever they want, Christianity included.  I’ve talked about Christianity with them on numerous occasions, about my views, salvation, and in some cases, what some of the scripture verses mean (through Greek, or just understanding some verses in context).  Have I “won them salvation?”  No.  Have I planted a seed, as Jesus would say?  Sure thing.

So, my encouragement to you today is to open up your spirituality to your friends, not to convert them, but to have open discussion.  Jesus is the only entity who allows salvation, so don’t think it’s your job and task to save people’s soul.  We’re just mediators.

Keep living for Jesus!


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