May 21, 2011, a prophesy of fail!

After reading some news reports on ye goode olde internet, I came across an alarming set of articles linking to a border-line cult website, – this site proclaims that the rapture of the church is going to happen on May 21, 2011.

Well my first obvious problem with this is that I don’t believe in the rapture.  You can find other posts on this blog of mine that explicitly state my position on that belief.

Second, I am a semi-preterist, meaning that I am still awaiting Jesus’ return, but the majority of Biblical prophesy has been fulfilled around the time of 70 A.D. or so.

But what is most alarming about this is that their website is dedicated to obscuring their evidence.  I’m always hesitant when a “Christian” website proclaims prophesy, but instead of backing it up with scripture, they say, “read this book, it will tell you everything,” or “go between these three unrelated websites.”  Smells like a money scam to me.  And it’s easy to pull any numbers from the scripture, do the right math, and ta-da, you have a numerical representation of a date!  The real trick, I suppose, is making the numbers used in the equation to look right.

The people who make websites like this are artists, really.  They claim they can date the earth by adding up genealogies (seriously, it’s impossible: there isn’t enough data), and use “God’s numbers” to add up the days to find the “last day” which in turn means that God will judge the world.  All these sites also claim the flaw in carbon dating to say that science is wrong – this is a sure sign of a cult.  Now, I’m not the world’s best thinker, but I do believe that God allows us to study and understand the world around us.  That being said, I believe science allows us to do that.  I know many Christians who are offended at that, but it’s because people don’t like to change how they think, and in fact, much prefer if people think for them.  When a pastor preaches “science, even with good motivation, is wrong,” people are more likely to accept that rather than to explore science on their own and determines if it is right or wrong.  This is a breeding ground for stupidity.

So, what am I trying to say here?  Well, for one, if Jesus comes back on May 21, amazing, I finally get to meet Him face to face.  If He does not, it wouldn’t even phase me, but I know that there will be thousands of people who will “lose their faith” because they put so much effort and faith into Jesus returning that they forgot to actually follow what Jesus said: love one another, and worship Him.  I’m not honoring or worshiping God if I’m bashing misquoted Bible verses over people’s heads and telling them their going to hell.  No where in the Bible does Jesus ever say anything like that!  Even the prophets in the Old Testament said, repent and return to God.  They didn’t say, “you’re all going to hell if you don’t listen!”  Take from thousands of years of walking with God; the Word, the revelation of God, revolves around love!  It is impossible for you, by any effort, to convert someone to Christianity.  Jesus is the one that seals the deal, so don’t cram anything down people’s throats.  I think it’s possible to have more evangelistic power by feeding a homeless person than it is to hand them a Bible.  Jesus said, if a friend comes to you in the night asking for loaves of bread, you don’t ignore him, but give what he needs, just like if a man needs a fish, you don’t give him a snake (Luke 11:5-12).  Likewise, people need the love of Christ.  They don’t need you to quote random verses and force them into some end-times theology using scare tactics (“you’re going to hell if you don’t….”).

Follow Jesus; He is the truth, and He will set you free.


7 thoughts on “May 21, 2011, a prophesy of fail!

  1. If such an event ever does take place in our lifetimes, the ‘Apocalypse’ that the religious promise will rain down on the rest of us is much more likely to land on their own heads first, hard and heavy!

    Christian history is all theological. A human intellectual construct, attempting to know the mind of God without that mind being revealed by God and has been in perpetual disagreement for most of its’ history. Thus unlikely to have anything to do with God. No more than the intellectual pretensions, vain imagination, the folly of empty hopes. But I suppose it’s good to have an occasional example of what is really false, just in case something true actually even happens!

    The bottom line is that if a second coming should take place in any form, what must be among the first priorities for such personage is to expose those theological claims which are no better than chasing after wind. And to do so, such a person would have to ‘reveal’ a message at odds with all existing orthodoxy? Rapture could quickly turn to nightmare! And blow two thousand years of religious status quo right out of the water. From Rome to Mr. Camping and everything in between. That long over due revolution may already be getting started? Check out or—–what-i-by-R-A-Landbeck-110105-188.html

    1. Thanks for the reply, Robert. Personally, I don’t even believe in any form of a “rapture” as I can’t find it in the Bible, so the whole basis for May 21 is completely ridiculous to me. To be honest, I think all of Christianity is in no better state than Israel was when Jesus came. We think we have it all together, but I know that God will turn all of our understanding on it’s head because, as you said, how can we know the things that haven’t been revealed? As a theology student, I’ve been quite surprised about how much we, as Christians, assume we know, when in reality, we don’t have enough information. Even something as simple as saying we were made in the image of God: people assume it’s the body/mind/spirit or in our capacity to love, or that we physically reflect what He looks like, but in reality, we don’t know how we are in the image of God. And that’s a basic concept in the bible, and we don’t even know! Same with the Trinity – the Bible never explicitly states it, and yet is somehow became a core belief. Even the so-called end-times theologies are based on very little scripture, and most of it isn’t even remotely connected.

  2. I find it interesting that those who follow brother Camping, do so out of documented reason and anylysis. Those who don’t are largely ignorant of the whole subject matter. For example, the “no man knows but the Father” is PART of that scripture which brother Camping has dealt with/discussed innumerable times; why not read the REST of that scripture and see what it says for YOURSELF. Also when brother Camping wrote “1994?” (the question mark was actually part of the title), he definitively stated that (a) 1994 was merely a POSSIBILITY and (b) STATED IN THAT PUBLICATION THAT 2011 WAS A POSSIBILITY AS WELL.
    Far better to just say that you hate brother Camping, his followers, etc. on principle rather than trying to justify it through an ignorant/lazy “analysis” of his work.
    For those who might be interested, is a blog supportive of Brother Camping that is a little less formal than the Family Radio website.

    1. Unfortunately, you’re taking my ideas out of context. First, I try not to hate anyone. Hate is a very strong word. Scripture says the speaking can either bring life or take it away (Proverbs 18:21), so I try my best to not hate people.
      Second, most people are against Harold Camping because he predicts the return of Christ. If you didn’t read my article/look up terms you weren’t familiar with, you’d see that I’m a preterist, and I simply don’t believe in the rapture at all. That’s my beef, it’s not the fact that he predicts it at all. I wouldn’t care if he decided to predict anything, biblical or not.
      Now, outside of my skepticism of the rapture, I’ve always had the philosophy that if rapture people are right, praise God, I’m leaving Earth soon(?). If their wrong (in timing or by assuming the event), my faith wouldn’t even in the least bit be destroyed. Re-read over my last paragraph, even if you don’t agree with my theology on the end times.
      Thanks for the link. I’m presuming that this is your blog. A few things I’m going to point out about it, and you can think I’m right, wrong, or whatever else. First, in your little blurb on the right (summary/bio), you seem to think it’s impossible to know if God is going to rapture you and deem you worthy. No man, woman, child or otherwise (if there is such a thing) is worthy (Ecclesiastes 7:20, Romans 3:10-18), however, WE CAN KNOW that we are SAVED by abiding in Christ (John 3:36, 2 John 1:9-11, John 14:16-17, Ephesians 1:13-14, Romans 8:14-17), the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, seals and confirms in us that we are children of God, and the Spirit enters us upon our salvation. If you are not receiving that sort of confirmation, then pray that you receive the Spirit of Christ! God wouldn’t leave salvation as some sort of mystic obscure thing that we couldn’t know. Otherwise, I the only thing I’ll say about Harold camping is that, unlike the Biblical persons you listed to exemplify his prophetic status, there isn’t enough information (at least from my perspective) to even say that he’s a prophet (scripture says that the true test of a prophet is whether or not [s]he can predict the future accurately; Deuteronomy 18:22), and also, I can’t say that [definitely] Harold claims that he is speaking the words of the Lord (not that he is or isn’t contradicting scripture, but he certainly isn’t say that God revealed this date to him – he’s saying he figured it out by mathematics…maybe under the guidance of God, I cannot say).
      If you are truly a former trial attorney (I not doubting, I just can’t confirm or deny it), you would surely have already search both complementing and contrary scriptures to find out what is true, so I trust you will continue doing so, and I will do the same.

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