Hobby Lobby shares Christ

While using my trusty stumbleupon bar, I came across this article (this is actually an old articule, but I guess it’s still circulating), where the store “Hobby Lobby” shared their views of Christ on the main page for their website, which offended one woman who felt “excluded.”  She emailed Hobby Lobby, explaining the situation, an their response, in summary, was that it was unfortunate that she was offended, they apologized, but maintained their view of Christ and restated it to this woman, which caused her to no longer desire to do business with Hobby Lobby.

According to the consumerist’s poll, many people sided with the offended woman, and I was actually quite baffled.  The owners of Hobby Lobby have the absolute right to speak their mind freely in personal emails and on their business’ website.  They do not deny service to any person, regardless of religious stance, or any other sort of reason.  Yes, non-Christians can be offended at Christian advertizing, but there is nowhere in any consitiution that people have the right to not be offended.  In opposition, I read many atheist articles, but would never email the authors to say, “I was deeply offended, you should take the offensive material down from your website.”  I may disagree with them, and even write a blog post about how I disagree, but never in my right mind would I even try to get any free-speech content taken down because I get offended.  Just like I tolerate many things I don’t agree with, non-Christians should be able to tolerate Christians.  I’m not saying you have to agree, but just politely disagree.  It never has to be a big deal.  Every person on this Earth has his/her own opinions, and (should) have the right to express those opinions in a non-destructive way.

Well, that’s my two cents worth.


One thought on “Hobby Lobby shares Christ

  1. I’m sick and tired of people getting offended by Christianity. Are they really that simple minded and thin skinned. Why is every other religion or psuedo religion ok or even exaulted? Stay home, shut your eyes and ears or go out and act like a grown up people!

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