To Christian Pro-Life Protesters

Today, I saw an article and video that made me quite upset.  It was Christians protesting for pro-Life.  Now, I’ll make a point, I am all for pro-Life, but sometimes, there are complications that can jeopardize the life of both the baby and the mother, and that puts people in tough spots, and I can completely agree with terminating a pregnancy on those grounds.

With pro-Life protesters, I’d assume their “targets” are people who couldn’t keep their pants on and feel they can negate the responsibility of caring for a child.  Well, this article really opened my eyes to their failure to first discern and also to not judge people (See Romans 1:28-Romans 2, please).

I would certainly hope that there is a better way to protest the people who want to free themselves from the responsibility of children but don’t think they need birth control when they have sex.  Wouldn’t it be a better to minister to people who have had to go through an abortion, and need someone to turn to?  People are going to have abortions, regardless of advertising against it, and likely in all cases, it is a difficult and life changing decision.  It is always better to advocate for people than it is to add insult to injury.

If the author of the article reads this, I am truly sorry that you were bombarded like that.  I can’t express the sort of anger I had for those people protesting against a decision that likely kept your wife and yourself up many nights, and maybe will for a while.  I would even say “Don’t be angry at Christians in general,” but sadly most of them will disagree with my stance and believe that the protesters were right and you were wrong.

From a Christian perspective, this would be a great place of ministry.  Regardless of you converting or not, Christianity should take the form of meeting people’s needs.  Jesus did that all the time.  People were sick, and He healed.  They were hungry, and He fed.  They were scared, and He calmed.  That’s what ministry is, and that’s what Christianity should be.  It’s not about going to church, or hanging out in your little Christian clubs where you feel safe from the “outside” world.  There is a lot of pain in the world, and as much as I advocate prayer, I better advocate action.  Just like it says, faith is useless unless it is accompanied by works, meaning if you want to feed people, praying isn’t enough!  Go out and feed people!  It’s so easy to just sit back and pray, but it’s a better blessing to get involved!


2 thoughts on “To Christian Pro-Life Protesters

  1. Please re-read Romans 1:28 through Romans 2. The passage does not tell us never to judge; instead, it warns against hypocritical judging. One must remove the plank from their own eye before addressing others. The problem is that most judge either hypocritically, or only degrade/belittle those they confront. We must remember that our task is to help others and admonish with the goal of bettering one another.
    Please do not take this as an attack on your article however; your other points and your advice as a whole are excellent, and I agree that these situations need to be addressed differently.

  2. It is true, I stretched the Romans reference, but in my opinion, any judging is hypocritical, because we were all sinners, and have all made mistakes, and we can’t judge based on that. We are, however, able to bring correction through love to people.
    Thanks for looking the verse up, though – I respect that. :)
    Take care, and don’t be afraid to comment on my other stuff,

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