Where there is no love, God will not show up

Have you ever seen people who just seem to be super close to God?  I’m not talking about the people who can quote any bible verse, but just the people you get a good “God-vibe” from, who always seem to be helping people, and can always be a source of counsel.  Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why do they seem to have some special connection to God?”

Let me answer this as simply as possible.  In Matthew 34-40, Jesus said the greatest commandment is that you love the Lord your God with your entire being, and through that, to love your neighbour as yourself.  In this commandment, you align yourself with all other commandments God has given, and it’s an effortless process.  When you do this, you can fully claim the righteousness that Jesus has covered you with.  When you love God fully, you would not go against His commandments.  When you love other people as yourself, you would treat them with respect, dignity, and most of all, you would not hurt them.

John says that God is love (1 John 4:8), so when you fill yourself with God, you fill yourself with love, and that also works in reverse.  When you love, you are ushering people into God’s presence, and in God’s presence, you will see awesome transformations of people.  God will work through you, because you are willing to allow God to work in your life through love.  God doesn’t work through lust, or greed, or hate.  When you have those things in your life, you are limiting how God will work in your life.

Paul says not to be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  When you discard lust, greed, and hate (among many other ungodly traits), God’s continual act of renewing will touch your life, and you will be filled with His love.  Love is the greatest testimony of God in your life.  Anyone can do good deeds, and live a life that looks really good, but only through God can you really have unconditional love.

So start renewing your mind!  Christians, in my opinion, we are one of the most inconsistent religious/faith groups around, because we always focus on deeds.  It’s easy to identify a Christian by who attends church, but we all know that this is never an absolute – many come to church, while ignoring a relationship with God, and many do not attend a formal church and have a deep relationship with God.  Start identifying Christians by love.  Jesus even said the people will know we follow Jesus because of our love for people (John 13:35).

There is no perfect solution for this.  There are some days I feel exceptionally close to God and He whispers in my ear, and other days, I feel like I’ve wandered very far, and have to get my life right so I can re-enter God’s immanent presence.  Strive every day to abide in God’s love, and you will see God’s presence frequently, and God will allow you to participate in what He is doing.



One thought on “Where there is no love, God will not show up

  1. I like it!

    I know the most spiritually invigorating times for me is when I can sit down with a person and just talk with them – for hours. Being able to share life together is a way for me to really ascribe worth to the God who created us, and when I worship like this I feel close!

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