How God gets my attention (and maybe yours?)

This is true for me, and may or may not be true for you.  I am talking about the sensation of God directing your attention to Himself.

The feeling I get is weird.  It’s like something grabs me on the inside, like my lungs and stomach, and gives them a gentle squeeze.  I’ve only had this feeling in a few different situations, and can’t self-replicate it.  When I get this feeling, I get a sudden awareness of where I am, and the feeling is usually associated with a desire to cry, and most of the time, crying doesn’t necessarily make sense in the situation.

Sometimes it happens when I’m making a difficult decision, it’s happened multiple times in a church situation, and sometimes in my personal prayer time.  I’ve been surprised that in a church situation, amongst the sensation of awareness, I find that other people begin to cry also, meanwhile we’re not connected or associated.

A friend of mine calls this being “Touched by the Holy Spirit.”  This is ultimately, being touched by God.  The worst/best part of this sensation, is you feel like you have absolutely no control over this feeling, but you also feel completely okay with it.

This isn’t a pentecostal thing.  This is a God thing.  Any Christian can have this sensation.  It’s not a matter of asking/praying for the sensation.  It’s a matter of asking for God’s presence.  Every time I’ve gone to a church and told God, “If I’m going, you better be there too, ” I have had this sensation, and usually have see other people experiencing it, too.

Any thoughts?


One thought on “How God gets my attention (and maybe yours?)

  1. Yep…me too. It takes my breath away…probably because I talk way too much and God requires my silence so that I can hear His sweet voice. :) I am always gripped by His greatness…the control that He has when I don’t have any….His perfect plan that I can have confidence in when I am thinking that I am making the plans….His sovereign grace to take me through anything! ….His loving gentle ways…

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